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I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much we appreciate your partnership on The Boden. Oxford does great work and we're appreciative of having you on the asset.
Mark J. Bell - CEO Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors5 Stars
Thanks for all your help, it's been greatly appreciated. Especially considering I haven't done anything with the purchase or sale of the house. It's been a very nice process for me.
James Kim5 Stars
Barb & all at Oxford were wonderful!
Afton & Chad Symington5 Stars
Larry Hondl
Oxford Realty, if you continue to conduct business this way, you will without a doubt be the most sought after Real Estate Company in Grand Forks.
Nick & Corisa Trapnell5 Stars
Barb Hangsleben

"She's one of the best I had the pleasure to work with. My wife and I are very pleased"
Kevin and Sara Spicer5 Stars
As long as I reside in North Dakota I will always do business with Oxford Realty. Having them on my side is just one more reason I am committed to and proud to serve the Grand Forks community
Patrick McRae (Google Reviews)5 Stars
Thanks Mike Opp, you have been a DREAM to work with!!
Ashley DiPuma5 Stars
We are glad to be renting from Oxford Realty again. We have really appreciated your personal interest in your properties and you tenants and we like supporting your style of business as opposed to anonymous corporate culture.
Rebecca Rozell-Stone and Lucian Stone5 Stars
Larry hand-carried me through the entire process of buying my first home. He knew I had no experience with all the details involved, and made it a point to explain things to me every step of the way. Without a doubt, I would recommend Larry to absolutely anyone who's looking for a home, especially those who have little or no experience in buying a home.
Brad Gengler, Grand Forks city planner5 Stars
Way to go Mike Opp!!! you did a great job selling the condo's for us & also making timely increases of the sales prices!!!
Bob Cowger, Cowger Construction5 Stars
Barb Hangsleben

Barb never quit hoping & believing in us. She got everything done ASAP or sooner!
Shelly Morrison5 Stars
Sally Opp

We couldn't have been treated better.
Meghan & Willis Stattelman5 Stars
Barb Hangsleben

I don't think that I would be able to get into a house without her.
Casper J Feist5 Stars
Barb Hangsleben

I am aware of the responsibilities of a Realtor and Barb went so far above & beyond the call of duty that our family will purchase everything except toilet paper and bananas from her!! She treated us as if we were family.
Susan Klang5 Stars
Larry Hondl

Larry did a great job for us. Tons of enthusiasm & Drive. We are very pleased with the whole deal.
Cory Geiszler5 Stars
Larry went far & beyond our service expectations. His service and professionalism was unmatched. Oxford is very lucky to have him. We are so thankful for his ability and dedication to our transaction.
Nick & Corisa Trapnell5 Stars
Great service. They took the time to understand what was best for me. I never felt rushed or pressured to buy.
Ben (Google reviews)5 Stars
My wife and I rented from Oxford Realty for nearly two (2) years and had an outstanding experience. Management is professional and very customer-oriented and goes beyond the call of duty to assure satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking for a place to live.
Michael5 Stars
Larry Hondl
Oxford Realty's Agent of the Year, Multi-Millions in Sales for 2011
Mike Opp, Broker5 Stars
Larry Hondl

2011 Realtor of the year nominee
Grand Forks Board of Realtors5 Stars
The hardest working Realtor in the Midwest
Allen Honek about Mike Opp5 Stars
The hardest working Realtor in the Midwest”
Mike Opp about Larry Hondl5 Stars
Jodi helped me sell my home and she did an amazing job. She was there to answer any question I had and help me navigate any issues I had in selling my beloved home. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a realtor to help in selling or buying a home. She is truly an asset to Oxford Realty. Thank you to Jodi
Karen Maier5 Stars